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Secure Model City of the Future

Alacera's "Secure Model City of the Future™" blueprint, was the first developed, to protect entire urban infrastructures, utilizing defense-in-depth Converged Security Protection... more

Our Vision

Alacera's services, products and intellectual property are exclusively focused on solutions for - "Protecting the Global Homeland™" with its core practices being - Converged Security, Micro-Urban Security, IP Telematics, and Knowledge Transfer. Alacera's geographic emphasis and expertise is on the North American, GCC/ Middle East, Central Asia, and Euro-East markets. We are proud of our mission to save lives and property, and are also committed to a vision of "Transformational Diplomacy" on a global basis.

Converged Security Protection Solutions (CSP-S)

Alacera's primary practice area, it covers products and solutions in the Physical Security Protection ("PSP"), Homeland Security Protection ("HSP"), and Information Assurance spaces.
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Micro- and Macro-Urban Security Protection Solutions (MMUSP-S)

Alacera's "Secure Model City of the Future™" architecture and blueprint, was the first developed to protect entire urban infrastructures
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IP Telematics Security Protection Solutions (IPTSP-S)

Alacera's IP Telematics Practices, offer solutions for - Mobile Command Centers, Metropolitan Mobile and Fixed Networks and Architectures and Smart Grids
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Embodies all the components/ phases of the Alacera "Trust Cycle™" methodology
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