Secure Model City of the Future

Alacera's "Secure Model City of the Future™" blueprint, was the first developed, to protect entire urban infrastructures, utilizing defense-in-depth Converged Security Protection... more

Converged Security Solutions

Converged Security Solutions are Alacera's primary practice area, and cover products, solutions and partners, in the Physical Security Protection ("PSP"), Homeland Security Protection ("HSP"), and Information Assurance spaces. We define Converged Security, as the "Converging of Physical and Network (Cyber) Security, under a Unified Protocol (IP), and a Unified Management Platform (Alacera CSM)"

HSP Solutions:
  • National asset & infrastructure security
    • Supply chain security protection
      • Essential resources, including food and critical materials and energy
      • International transport of goods
    • Aviation
    • Maritime
    • Customs and Border security
    • Port security
    • Public transportation
  • Securing institutions
    • Healthcare

    • Educational
    • Correctional
  • Event security and entertainment venues
  • Secure Model City of the Future" initiatives
PSP Solutions:
  • Complete end-to-end PSP systems
    • Event security management system
    • National asset & infrastructure security system
    • Solution for educational institutions
    • Border security system
    • Port security system
    • Urban security protection system ("Secure Model City" initiatives)
    • Commercial and Residential Security Protection Systems
  • Identity management system and smart card for logical and physical access control of
    • Govt. employees and contractors
    • Visitors
  • PSP perimeter and in-door detection devices
    • surveillance cameras
    • biometric sensors
    • fire / bio / chemical / nuclear smart sensors
    • smart networked fences

    • PSP controller / matrix switcher / local data storage for these devices
  • PSP centralized and distributed command & control system
  • Video surveillance data storage and data base management systems (redundant centralized and distributed configurations)
  • Computer vision analysis system (motion / behavior / color / etc. detection)
  • Biometric analysis system (fingerprint, facial, iris, vascular, DNA)
  • Solutions for DWMD
  • Emergency alarm systems (siren, voice, data, video point-to-point / multicast / broadcast)
  • Distributed fully redundant, secure PSP wired and wireless WAN/VPN networks including adaptive and "self-defending" configurations
  • Facility emergency management system
  • Legacy system gateway
  • Middleware and applications software
  • OAM (Operations and Maintenance) system including wired/wireless remote diagnosis
Information Assurance:
    • Information security consulting, including policy implementation and procedure development, compliance and technology Assessments, and network security architecture
    • Information security operations, including process design, user provisioning, audit management, security awareness programs, and information Security Operations Center (SOC)
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity, including disaster recovery planning, business impact analysis, IT recovery assessments, and emergency response plans
  • Alacera's differentiator and intellectual property for Converged Security Solutions is its "Reference Architecture".

Alacera Reference Architecture for Converging Physical and Network Security