Secure Model City of the Future

Alacera's "Secure Model City of the Future™" blueprint, was the first developed, to protect entire urban infrastructures, utilizing defense-in-depth Converged Security Protection... more

IP Telematics

In this day and age where crisis management and responsiveness is paramount to saving lives, and preventing damage and destruction, Alacera's IP Telematics Practices, offer solutions for – Mobile Command Centers (Military and Civilian), Metropolitan Mobile and Fixed Networks and Architectures (Mobile IP, Broadband Wireless, Vehicular Communications), and Smart Grids (Traffic and Power)

Alacera IP Telematics offers:

  • Mobile Command, Control and Collaboration systems ("C3C") for :
    • Public Safety Applications
    • Military Applications
    • Civilian Applications
    • Educational Centers
    • Urban security protection system ("Secure Model City" initiatives)
    • Commercial and Residential Security Protection Systems
  • Metropolitan Mobile and Fixed Networks
  • Smart Grids (Traffic and Power)
  • Alacera's key differentiator and is it's "Secure Model City of the Future™" reference architecture, for IP Telematics and Metropolitan Mobile and Fixed Networks.

Secure Model City of the Future™ - Intelligent Infrastructures for Traffic and Communications