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Secure Model City of the Future

Alacera's "Secure Model City of the Future™" blueprint, was the first developed, to protect entire urban infrastructures, utilizing defense-in-depth Converged Security Protection... more


Embodies all the components/ phases of the Alacera "Trust Cycle™" methodology – The Alacera "Technology and Security Experience Center" (TSEC) will ensure, for our customers, that:
      • Awareness,
      • Knowledge Transfer and Retention,
      • Skill-sets,
      • Product and Resource Development
      • Intellectual Property,
      • Accreditations and Certifications ...
... are continuously updated, improved, and maintained in-country.

TSEC is also, a:
  • Demonstration site for complex integrated security and IT solutions targeted to the federal and S/L govt. markets.
  • Training environment for ALACERA employees and customers in Security Protection Systems (SPS) products, solutions and services.
  • Integration and test facility for new multi-vendor security system solutions before the concept will be shown to customers and taken to tradeshows.
  • Site to testing new security applications that will get deployed as part of the ALACERA corporate security services "living laboratory environment".
  • Customers demand us to demonstrate complex multi-vendor SPS solutions. ALACERA will have the capability to demonstrate opportunities in local markets including the USA and GCC nations
  • No single vendor has an end-to-end fully integrated PSP. TSEC will be an integration center
  • The convergence of all forms of security protection and secure-IT is inseparable
    • Intelligent enterprise network and security protection technologies result in new forms of functionally and physically integrated solution architectures
TSEC will demonstrate, and validate:
  • PSP alternatives protect persons, buildings, campuses and critical infrastructure facilities through the use of all related physical, electronic security and IT solutions.
  • PSP Target Applications:
    • Event security
    • National asset & infrastructure security
    • Securing educational institutions
    • Border security
    • Port security
    • Access control
      • IRIS recognition
      • ID management & access control (HSPD-12)
    • Urban security protection ("Secure Model City" initiatives)
      • Electronic security
      • WiFi wireless infrastructure for public safety
      • RFID for asset and people tracking
TSEC will demonstrate and validate:
  • Perimeter defense structures and technologies
  • Automated surveillance and monitoring of physical facilities
  • Physical and logical access control
  • Identity management
  • Intrusion detection
  • Intelligent alarm/alert
  • Integration and interoperability with databases containing critical security information
  • Detection of weapons of mass destruction solutions
  • People protection
  • Force protection